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Rest of Best ofs & XX/XXII F*** Off!

Sendung vom 28.12.2022

Širom - Prods the Fire with a Bone, Rolls over with a Snake
The Liquified Throne of Simplicity

Cukor Bila Smert - Welyka Rika Hen-Juań (The Great Hen-Yuan' River)
Манірна Музика

Cosmic Threads - Faden
Cosmic Threats

Diamanda Galas - Broken Gargoyles I. Mutilatus (Ausschnitt)
Broken Gargoyles

Lucretia Dalt - Gena
Rvng Intl.

Lolina - Face The Music
Face The Music
Relaxin records

rRoxymore - Sun in C
Perpetual Now
Smalltown Supersound

Moin - Hung Up
AD 93

Holy Tongue - Between the Vessel and the Light
Amidah Records

Girls In Synthesis - ​Dub With Mother /Watch With Mother​
Own It Music

Public Image Ltd- - Go Back
The Flowers of Romance

Atol Atol Atol - Koniec sosu tysiąca wysp
Atol Atol Atol
Gusstaff Records

Kurws - Co nas łączy / What unites us
Powi​ę​ź / Fascia
Gusstaff Records

Special Interest - Follow Me
(Herman’s) House / Follow Me 7"
Rough Trade

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