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Gitarren, Noise & Neues zwischen Schönheit und Gefahr

Sendung vom 06.09.2007

Glenn Branca – The Spectacular Commodity
The Ascension
Acute Records/Hausmusik

Cabaret Voltaire – Voice of America/Damage Is Done
Voice of America

Ike Yard – Motiv
1980-82 Collection
Acute Records/Hausmusik

Zikkurat – WC Cistici Súl
Black Point Records

Abbildungen Variete – Ishodisce subjekta
V.A.: Novi Val 1978 – 84
Za Vedno

Swans-related project: M. Gira – If You ...
Alternative Tentacles

Sandow – Bastard
Kiong – Gefährten der Liebe
Dunefish/Edel Contraire

Beirut Slump – See Pretty
Lydia Lunch: Hysteria 1976-1986
Widowspeak Productions

Hrsta – Hechicero Del Bosque
Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Your Eyes

Swans-related project: Jarboe – Spiral Staircase
Sacrificial Cake
Alternative Tentacles

Vic Chesnutt – Splendid
North Star Deserter

Animal Collective – For Reverend Green
Strawberry Jam
Domino/Rough Trade

Spoonfed Hybrid – Heavens Knot
Guernica/4 AD

Spoonfed Hybrid – Naturally Occuring Anchors
Guernica/4 AD

Scritti Politti – Skank Bloc Bologna
V.A.: Post Punk Vol.1
Rough Trade Shops

Laub – D-Land
AGF Producktion/MDM & Friends

Neil Landstrumm – Mike Grimes
Restaurant Of Assassins
Planet Mu/NTT

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