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Doom-D?mmerung 23

Sendung vom 27.12.2023

Cabaret Voltaire - Eastern Mantra.
Three Mantras
Rough Trade

Attila Csihar - Night of 29th of March (on my 41st birthday) in Hotel Jupiter in Baalbek while looking at the Thrilitons of the Jupiter Temple.
Void ov Voices : Baalbek
Ideologic Organ

Attila Csihar - Daytime of 30th of March, on the top of the biggest ever human-made Monolith called Stone Of The South.
Ideologic Organ

Holy Tongue - I Am Here In A Place Beyond Desire Or Fear
Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare

Khanate - To Be Cruel
To Be Cruel
Sacred Bones Records

KK Null & James Plotkin - Sawtooth Swirl (Irreducible Gated Momentum Dub Mix)
Aurora Remixes
Rawkus Primitive

James Plotkin : Mark Spybey - Jute Wheel. Ausschnitt
A Peripheral Blur

Svitlana Nianio & Tom James Scott - Chains
Eye of the Sea

Nadja - Now I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of Worlds.
Radiance Of Shadows
Alien8 Recordings

Bruce Gilbert - Muzi
In Esse

Vladislav Delay, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare - 522
Sub Rosa

Earth ? May Your Vanquished Be Saved From The Bondage Of Their Sins (Robert Hampson Remix). Ausschnitt
Earth 2.23: Special Lower Frequency Mix
Sub Pop

Earth ? Like Gold And Faceted (Kevin Richard Martin Remix)
Earth 2.23: Special Lower Frequency Mix
Sub Pop

Moritz von Oswald - Infinito (Version)
Tresor Records

Scorn ? Dreamspace (Unstable Sidereal Oneiroscopic Mix by Coil)
Scorn Recordings

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