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XXX Jahre Zonic - Halbzeit und Vollwert

Sendung vom 28.06.2023

Pinch - Fighting Talk
Soul Jazz

Pathman – Glo
V.A.: Eastern Space Cakes
Lollipop Shop/ Zonic 14-17

Atman - Forest of Karma
Personal Forest
Lollipop Shop

Magic Carpathians Project – In The Prison Of Mind (Second Take)
V.A.: Eastern Space Cakes
Lollipop Shop/ Zonic 14-17

Republika - System nerwowy
Nowe Sytuacje

Republika - The Plan
Mega Ton

Idoli - Plastika
V.A.: Paket Aranzman Beograd

Idoli - Idoli - Moja si
Одбрана И Последњи Дани

Palookas – Leggoland
Hit The Bottle

Television Personalities – Salvador Dali's Garden Party
Some Kind Of Happening Singles 1978-1989
Fire Records

Maximum Joy - Building Bridges
Unlimited (1979-1983)
Crippled Dick Hot Wax

Dub Syndicate - Drilling Equipment
Ambience In Dub 1982​-​1985
On-U Sound

The Bug feat Wayne Lonesome - Fuck Y-Self
Klein Records

The Bug - Battered (Curse of Addiction)
Machine 1
Pressure/ Bandcamp

The Flying Lizards - Flicker
The Secret Dub Life of The Flying Lizards

Column One - The Right To Doubt It (edit)
V.A.: A Taste of Moloko Plus
Moloko Plus

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