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Neues und altes Neues. Beifangbesichtung der medialen Filter

Sendung vom 17.05.2023

Francis Bebey - Guinée
Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984
Born Bad Records

Hector Zazou - Sous Les Bougainvilliers
Made to Measure Vol5: Géographies
Crammed Disc

Dynasonic - Poldi
Instant Classic

Holy Tongue - Susuro
Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare
Amidah Records

Tony Buck - Enviromental Studies (excerpt I) Enviromental Studies

Gordan - Don Ask How I Live
Down in the Meadow
Morphine Records

David Nesselhauf - Are You Living Here?
A Guide to Afrokraut II
Légére Recordings

Phew - P-Adic
Pass Records

Phew - Doze
Pass Records

Tolerance - laughin in the shadows

Pere Ubu - Love Is Like Gravity
Love Is Like Gravity
Cherry Red Records

Pere Ubu - Sentimental Journey
The Modern Dance

Der Demokratische Konsum - Kuh
unveröffentlicht, live 1984 im Leichenkeller

Diamanda Galás – Double-Barrel Prayer
V.A.: Blacklips Bar: Androgyns And Deviants - Industrial Romance For Bruised And Battered Angels, 1992–1995
Anthology Recordings

Liturgy - Ananon
Thrill Jockey

Ky - Dragons
Power Is The Pharmacy
Constellation Records

Svitlana Nianio - Episode III
Transilvania Smile, 1994

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