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Silberäpfel und andere Freakfrüchte

Sendung vom 09.09.2020

Conrad Schnitzler - Electric Garden

Conrad Schnitzler, Frank Bretschneider - Klirrfaktor
Bureau B

Silver Apples - Oscillations
Kapp Records

Silver Apples - You and I
Kapp Records

Silver Apples - Dancing Gods
Kapp Records

Morton Subotnick - Silver Apples of the Moon (Part One, Ausschnitt)
Silver Apples of the Moon

Laika - Coming Down Glass
Silver Apples of the Moon
Too Pure

Third Eye Foundation - I Have Known Love
Electronic Evocations A Tribute To The Silver
Enraptured Apples

Silver Apples - Tabouli Noodle
The Garden
Chicken Coop Recordings

Jakub Ziołek - Misty Mountain
One Louder
Instant Classic

Fedorov & Kruzenshtern - At The Bottom Of The Grass
V Trave
Auris Media

John Zorn - Verlaine: Part 2 La Bleue
V.A.: Caged/Uncaged - A Rock/Experimental Homage To John Cage
Get Back

Heiner Goebbels / Alfred Harth ‎– Berlin, Q-Damm 12.4.81
Der Durchdrungene Mensch / Indianer Für Morgen

TV Personalities - Apples and Oranges
V.A.: Beyond The Wildwood - A Tribute To Syd Barrett
Imaginary Records

Anima-Sound - Traktor go go go
Musik für alle
Alga Marghen

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